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Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “wow, they seem to have accomplished everything, they must be very happy”?

Mariam Ejaz, Pediatrician

I know I had, and at one time in my life, I thought someone might even say that about me.

My name is Mariam Ejaz.

I had started my career as a pediatrician, had gotten married, and had given birth to three beautiful healthy children. I thought I had it all, and yet I felt there was still something seriously missing. I knew I was longing for inner peace and happiness. I just did not know how I could find it or even if it was really possible. You see, I come from a family history of anxiety and depression and thought it was always going to be a part of my life; something I had just learned to live with.


Well, my friends, I’m writing this to tell you that through (mind cleansing) meditation, I have learned that it is truly possible to eliminate all karma (remembered thoughts of life lived), habits (inherited from ancestors-like my anxiety), and body (the container for karma and habits). I have been able to achieve inner peace and true happiness. This meditation method guided me to becoming free of my own “mind world” that I lived in all the time. I was able to understand that my “mind world” was what caused me to feel like something was lacking. The meditation also helped me to discover the Truth within me. Since I have found the Truth from within, I no longer live with anxiety and depression.

Meditation balances a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.  Much research from reputable sources has proven the long-term benefits of meditation on health.  This is why physicians are prescribing meditation more and more to help people deal with their stress, pain, anxiety, and many other chronic illnesses (e.g. cancers and heart disease).  Once the mind becomes healthier, the body can then follow suit. 


Our minds are cluttered and stressed which leads to illness because we are constantly searching and accumulating.  Actually, we all are searching for Truth but because we cannot recognize what we seek, we keep trying to fill that void from outside ourselves like through money, family, fame, etc.

Once we start cleansing our minds, we can realize that the answer we seek, which is Truth, already exists within us all. All doubts, questions, and curiosities can be resolved naturally and permanently once Truth within is uncovered. You can achieve what you want by becoming Truth and living in the True World. Uncovering Truth within allows focus to be able to work honestly and efficiently.  It is the false “mind world” that makes us waste time and energy due to the thousands of thoughts it creates. 


So, my friends, I implore you to see that the time has come to awaken and let go of the false “mind world” and discover Truth within. There is no perfect timing or perfect condition waiting for you.

Now is the perfect time to start your meditation.

What you can accomplish through Meditation:

-Live the best life you can and live n the True World

-Become healthy

-Be truly happy

-Overcome stress and find inner peace

-Rid yourself of mind clutter and learn to be present-minded

-Have better relationships with others

-Be grateful in every moment

-Rid yourself of bad habits

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