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Trial Guided Meditation

for your overall well-being

Every week we offer free introductory guided meditation events to help you begin your spiritual journey in finding the truth.

All of our free and paid events have a purpose to share this meditation with everyone as well as encourage you to get yourself on a meditation program in order to receive the real benefits that a consistent meditation practice offers. 

You can understand that the meditation center is like a school to learn how you can have the truth inside your mind. You need patience and time to cleanse the karmic thoughts.


When you finally get rid of all your own mind world, you can find the truth within you.

Dates & time

Schedule your appointment directly with the instructor. 

Text or call: 954-368-4100

Free Consultation is an opportunity to better understand the meditation process and what benefits you may receive once you start the program.

Group Trial - Lighten The Mind 

Every Wednesday at 9 PM EST

        - Healthy Mind, Happy Life 

Every Saturday at 4 PM EST

No upcoming events at the moment
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" Excellent program you guys offer. I have never found such a place with caring, nurturing and entertaining instructors combined with such a fantastic method of discarding the negative and useless thoughts. Simply amazing! 10 stars! "

- Mark

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" I find this particular meditation method to be very different from than other methods I’ve tried. The singular focus here is on completing one’s life lived. Even in a group setting like Zoom, it still feels very personal, the guides make themselves available for questions and the instructions are clear, concise, and easy to follow. "

- Jeff T.

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" This meditation is life changing. With this meditation you can transform and find your true self. I don’t think I would have done with yoga meditation which just helps you to quiet your mind."

- Neal

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"I feel airy and light -headed after the meditation – I really want to go to the local center when it’s reopen."

- Sandy


Class etiquette guidelines

1. Please arrive on time for class.

2. Please turn off your cellphone(s) so that you may concentrate well on class.

3. Please respect the silence during class - please understand that if you are causing disruption, you will be removed from the Zoom meeting.

Tips on meditation

 1. It is recommended to use earphones/headphones while meditating.

 2. It is recommended that you keep the camera on during the meditation class.

 3. It is best to sit up comfortably - you should be comfortable but try to sit up properly to enhance concentration.

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