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Meditation to Live Forever

To live forever, only when the world where a person lives is made to become the world of Truth can he live forever.

When the incomplete, fake world where people live is entirely eliminated, only the emptiness of the infinite universe comes to remain. That existence is the Jung and Shin, the Spirit and Soul. 

When that existence is within the self, from there this world is born again and that land is the Land of Truth and is the place where you live forever. You must go to this land while you are alive.

This meditation is to get you there and live.

Meditation Steps

How to meditate?


Reflect On Yourself

Recall the remembered thoughts and images of life in your mind. 
Realize where all your stress and burdens are coming from and increase your self-awareness.


Cleanse Your Mind

As you become aware of your habits and attachments, your perspective widens.

See and throw away from the perspective of the Universe using the guided visualization technique. 


Discover The Truth

As you train your brain to realize that the illusion is not real, you will begin to realize the Truth which is the Universe that is existing within you. Keep confirming this existence to get out of your Mind World and to live in real happiness in the true world.

Learn this meditation to go to the existent world of Truth and live always happy

    Program 1. ​Cleansing Karma 

     Level 1-  Remembered thoughts 

     Level 2-  Image of relationships and myself

     Level 3-  Body

     Level 4-  Body and the universe

     Level 5-  Body and the universe

     Level 6-  Me who has all minds

     Level 7-  Me who has a mind world   

                    I, who have negativity 

                    I, who have all thoughts

    Program 2. Cleansing Habits

    Program 3. Cleansing Body 

When you discard your mind that is false and become the true mind, you can live truly happily and achieve what you want.

The reason why humans have unresolved questions and doubts is because of the false mind. But the true mind does not have any pain, burdens and stress.

When your mind changes to the true mind, you can achieve everything. You can become complete and live eternally. You can come to know all the principles of the world.


But this will take time and you need patience. If you are determined to change your mind to change your life, you can do it with a bit of patience. 

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Mind Cleansing Method

How To Clear Your Mind - Lecture

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