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What should I do to think positive?

Jung Won Oh, Meditation Guide & Music performer

To think positive, you have to come out of the frame of thinking that you are right.

When I saw flaws or faults in others, I couldn't embrace them. I disliked my friends and criticized my professors. I rebelled against my commanders in the military and my supervisors at work.

If I saw flaws or faults in myself, I blamed myself. “I am not good enough”, “what have I done wrong for her to be upset with me”, “people will judge me”. I would drown in my negative thoughts and punish myself. I would distance myself from my friends, and quit my job.

I believed it was for good and justice until I started meditating and realized that it was not. Self-reflection during meditation allowed me to see how negative a person I was. I created the standard of what was right in my mind and was judging everything through it. Just as what is reflected through the mirror is who I am, the faults in others were just reflections of what was in my mind. My negative thoughts were like thorns that pricked people's feelings and even mine. Through meditation, I was able to let go of all my negative thoughts and come out of the prison of my false thoughts.

I felt such a huge relief and great freedom. The constant judgments and discernments in my head stopped and became quiet. If I see faults in my wife or coworkers, I can understand and accept them. I think positively about how I can help others so we can do well together. I apologize right away for what I do wrong instead of dwelling on my negative thoughts. I seek improvement with effort and ask for help from those around me if I need too.

I comply with the policy of the company I work for and respect my supervisors. I am comfortable presenting my opinion, but I do not insist that I am right. Before meditating, who and what was right and wrong were important to me. I had to be right and win. Now it's important that we do well together. I try to understand, accept, and support others through communication.

Living with such a positive mind makes my life 100 times more enjoyable and happier.

I will share a video clip below. I hope this will help you. Thank you.

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